A conference entitled "Poland's Roadshow in the UK", which promoted bilateral economic and business relations between Poland and the United Kingdom, was held in London on Friday, 31 March. The event was organised by Roadshow Polska in co-operation with the Publishing and Advertising Agency (AWR) "WPROST" and the Polish Confederation of Private Employers (PKPP) "Lewiatan".

  Crowne Plaza Hotel - St.James   J.Pietras (Secretary of the Committee for European Integration)  
  Sir Digby Jones (Director General, Confederation of British Industry)   W.Orłowski (Chief Economic Advisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Polska)  
  A.Żołnowski (President, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency); M.Oxley (CEO, British Polish Chamber of Commerce); H.Bochniarz (President, Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan); W.Orłowski (Chief Economic Advisor, PricewaterhouseC   A.Żołnowski (President, PAIiIZ), M.Oxley (CEO, BPCC), H.Bochniarz (President, PKPP Lewiatan), W.Orłowski (Chief Economic Advisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Polska)  
  R.Richardson (Chairman Management Board, Kredyt Bank)   Z.Więckowski (Partner, White&Case)  
  J.Socha (Vice Chairman, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers)   Roadshow Polska  
  M.Zdziechowska (Journalist, AWR Wprost), H.Bochniarz (President, PKPP Lewiatan), A.M.Mc Keever (Manager, BPCC), M.Morali-Efinowicz (Director, Advent International)   O.Murphy (Director, Ernst&Young), Allegranza Loredana (Associate, White&Case), Z.Więckowski (Partner, White&Case)  
  A.Wierciński (Partner, Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr)   H.Bochniarz (President, PKPP Lewiatan)  
  W.Szelągowski (Vice President, PAIiIZ), A.F.Reczek (President of the Board of PricewaterhouseCoopers), T.D.Dorda (President, Polmos Siedlce), M.Kosycarz (Corporate Director, British American Tobacco Polska), J.Brniak (President, BP Polska)   M.Atwell (Partner, Cushman&Wakefield), R.Khan-Gandapur (Director, Bank Zachodni WBK), A.Williams (Managing Director, Cushman&Wakefield Residential)  
  J.Brniak (President, BP Polska)   J.Tropaczyńska (Partner, Linklaters)  
      G.Massoud (Associate Principal, McKinsey&Company), H.Lang (Director, Waterman Environmental)