"I have been participating in Roadshow Polska conferences for a few years. Each conference represented a very high level as to its contents, selection of topics proving an extensive knowledge of presented issues and most up-to-date trends as well as its organization. Participation in these exceptional events was an opportunity for participants to gain unique knowledge and qualifications in an elite circle of international and the best Polish experts. That is why the Roadshow conferences have become an inherent part of the calendar of the most important events which you simply need to attend."

Marcin Kaszuba
(Director/Ernst & Young)

"One of the best organised conferences, in terms of speakers, branding, interest and attendance. The format was outstanding....
I attend several global confernces every year, but have yet to experience something like this. It was very effective in form and function.
Everything went super !"

Anupam Prakash
(Asia Pacific Practice Leader/HEWITT Associates India)

"Roadshow Outsourcing Forum is a unique, prestigious conference in Poland on the topic of outsourcing and investment services in general. This is the place to make new contacts, honest discussion and the potential of cities and regions promotion. Participation of Poznan in this event reinforces the brand of the city as a place to locate BPO investments."

Sebastian Bedekier
(Head of Investor Relations Department/City of Poznan)

"I would like to congratulate you on the perfect organization of the entire event. I am aware how much work and effort is needed to prepare such an event, so all the more I congratulate on the power, determination and consistency."

Monika Piątkowska
(Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of the City of Cracow for Cracow Brand / Director of the City Strategy and Development Department, Municipal Office of Cracow)

"In brief: The meeting was prepared in a very professional way. Interesting decoration of the place. The topics of speeches selected and prepared very well. Interesting speakers. We are waiting for the next edition. My best regards."

Tadeusz Sayor
(Municipal Office of Kielce)

"I would like to thank you for the award, cocktails and fantastic conference. Topics were quite pertinent."

Krystian Bestry
(Center Head Infosys BPO Poland)

"I really enjoyed the event. The setting, and lay-out of the forum was a great idea. It gave the impression of focus on the subjects. The speakers and content were also very good."

Jim Costello
(Board Member Ireland/ Poland)

"Participating in an event such as the Roadshow was a great pleasure for me and allowed me to learn widely presented views. Such meetings are much needed, as they foster the exchange of experiences among entrepreneurs, cities and regions have an opportunity to get better acquainted with expectations and problems of the investors. Conversations will most certainly result in many new projects. Roadshow is a great initiative, due to which Poland may gain many new projects, particularly in the field of modern technologies and services."

Konrad Pokutycki
(Member of the Board and Financial Director of BSH Home Appliances)

"I would like to congratulate on the excellent organization of the conference. It is a real challenge to fit the contents meant for two days in a few hours and to invite representatives of so many backgrounds "

Wiktor Doktór
(General Manager Southwestern Poland)

"I wish Roadshow Poland success in attracting investment to Poland, which is so desperately needed. Poland is the right place to invest."

Danuta Huebner
(Member of the European Commission)

"I wish you more of successful business events among partners, who will support you, who can always be relied upon. I wish satisfaction with the tasks performed and personal one. And congratulations! Thank you for this time and I await the next!"

Aleksandra Suszczewicz
(Investors Relations Unit/ The City of Lodz Office)

"Congratulations on the successful initiative in a timely manner. I am convinced that difficult times are the true test of ingenuity, creativity and perseverance - which produce a success, and a high class one. This is my wish for Roadshow Poland in further activity, and may the successful First Investment Forum was the beginning of a long road of success "

Marek Kłoczko
(Secretary General/Polish Chamber of Commerce)

"Participating in an event such as the IV Outsourcing Forum is not only an opportunity to learn the latest trends in the outsourcing industry but also a ground for exchanging experience and views. I am glad that the City of Łódź could actively participate in the Forum, which gave us a chance to show our strengths and discuss ways to gain new investments. Such opportunities to talk about outsourcing in Poland should be more numerous, it is an excellent chance to share experience and confront them with others.

Agnieszka Sińska
(Director/The City of Lodz Office)

"I am glad I could participate in the IV Outsourcing Forum and take part in interesting discussions. Conferences organized by the Roadshow Poland always become an opportunity to meet professionals and allow for the clash of various perspectives and viewpoints. I like the form of debates, which are in fact alive discussions maintaining a high level of their contents at the same time."

Marta Donhefner-Wojtkiewicz
(Executive Search & Business Development Director)

"I perceive forums activity as an initiative involving the outsourcing service providers in building their environment and promoting outsourcing contracts and services. The forum presents the Best Practitioners among suppliers, promotes and develops the economy subjects' organizational culture by promoting outsourcing, a solution which is an opportunity to increase business value.
A separate event accompanying the Forum I value is the Almanac of Outsourcing. the recipients of services have a chance to get to basic information about suppliers -outsourcers of various industries in a simple manner. I believe that this initiative will be maintained and the publication will be received by managers as a practical and useful for outsourcing services purchase.
One of the forums' elements was a discussion among the participants on the outsourcing risks emerging in times of crisis. On the other hand, equally interesting were the information about development opportunities (presented on the basis of a survey) of the outsourcing services sector related to development and economic potential of cities and regions of our country.
I look forward to the next Outsourcing Forum."

Katarzyna Banach
(Managing Partner/ Grant Thornton Frackowiak sp. z o.o.)

"The IV Outsourcing Forum is the perfect place to meet representatives of various sectors concerned with broadly defined topic of outsourcing. From Bydgoszcz viewpoint participation in this kind of event was a great opportunity to promote our city as the best place to invest BPO sector capital, and allowed to establish many valuable contacts. I recommend participation in the next Outsourcing Forum and other events organized by Roadshow Poland.

Maciej Grześkowiak
(Deputy Mayor of Bydgoszcz)


"I am glad I was able to hold a conference "Three Cities - Three Rivers". Roadshow Poland did a very good job, which our busy and tired government has no time for. It has integrated practitioners, theoreticians, professionals, local government, policy makers and government officials around the gigantic project Euro 2012 is. It was enough to listen to what the representatives of several Polish cities, lawyers involved in the PPP and transporters said, to know, what and where in the law should be improved. Nobody asks too much of the authorities - to simplify the rules and not interfere - is a task for the government, and the rest of the free market can handle, which will be reflected in the initiatives formed during the conference."

Joanna Wrześniewska-Zygier
(TV Biznes)

"The conference is an excellent forum for networking with knowledgeable people of high caliber. The presentations were concise and provided professional insight into polish developments. Highly recommended."

Zdzislaw Wieckowski
(Partner/White & Case)

"The conference held in London gave al participants an overview of why business partners in Poland should be interested to increase their relationships within Poland. I trust that the information provided was helpful to all to make some of business decisions."

Ronnie Richardson
(CEO/Kredyt Bank S.A.)

"The conference "Poland's Roadshow in the UK - New Business Perspectives" organized by the Roadshow Poland was a unique ground for exchange of experience among businessmen in Poland and Britain, which will certainly raise the level of interest of foreign investors in our country. "

Marek K. Kosycarz
(Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Director at British-American Tobacco Poland)

"Judging by the number of participants and by the companies represented at Roadshow Portugal, the Portuguese investor's interest in Poland is enormous, and we should take advantage of that. From the bank's perspective it was a very useful event, which hopefully will not only result in new contracts but also in very positive media for Poland."

Bogusław Kott
(President/Bank Millennium)

"For some time I had been searching unsuccessfully for a company that would be interested in building an aqua park in Mszczonow. Unbelievable but at Roadshow Frankfurt I have found such an investor."

Józef Kurek
(Mayor of Mszczonow)

"Roadshow was a great success, as representatives of many different industries met and exchanged views. The participants got to know many interesting data which simply showed, that Poland shall be able to be the leader of the pack of all new EU Accession states."

Sven von der Heyden
Von der Heyden Group)

"Such a forum enabling exchange of outsourcing experience and forecasts as the one presented at the "Outsourcing"conference has surely been lacking in our country before. This event, in view of its broad thematic scope, fully professional arrangements for the conference, and participation of numerous experts in the field of outsourcing, simply calls for being labeled as a Congress of Outsourcing, and for being held on a regular basis."

Piotr Krupa
(President/KRUK S.A.)

"The conference presented us with a unique opportunity to make ourselves familiar with the latest trends in the outsourcing market - both global, and Polish - to exchange opinions with other representatives of the sector."

Piotr Cholewa

"This conference contributed to increasing our knowledge of outsourcing, and helped us to show Poland as a country which, like in the model of Shared Services Center IT for Lafarge, has a huge potential in presenting offers competitive not only in terms of their prices, but also in terms of quality. By inviting interesting guests and lecturers, Businss Point conferences are likely to become meetings of professionals, businessmen, and representatives of governmental organizations which have obviously still got a great deal of work to do so that Poland could turn into a European service paradise."

Sebastian Jakubiak
(Outsourcing Engagement Manager/HEWLETT PACKARD)

"I was honoured to participate in the Conference. In my opinion the issues which have been raised at the conference are important to this sector of the service market both in Poland and globally.[...] I should like to acknowledge the work done by the organizers who spared no effort to prove equal to the task, and who were perfect down to the smallest detail in their arrangements for the conference."

Andrzej Dziwisz
(Sales and Marketing Director /IMPEL)

"Looking at the number of participants and representatives of companies there is a great interest in outsourcing in Poland for both providers and recipients. It increases every year, as is demonstrated by the number of concluded outsourcing contracts and assumed CUW. From the point of view of service providers it would be interesting to see what kind of services are provided, the latest marketing research and the activities of the competition. Service providers were also interested to know the legal capacity to invest shared service centers in Poland and incentives associated with it. Such conferences are most needed as a ground for exchanging experience and ideas, but also a promotion of new industries which can bring new and exciting investments using potential human resources to Poland. To gather such distinguished guests and listeners, you need professionalism and enthusiasm, which Roadshow Poland does not lack. This conference has confirmed once again, this is a company that can organize such events successfully."

Agnieszka Wiercińska
(Advocate/Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr)