'I wish Roadshow Polska success in attracting investment to Poland, which is so desperately needed. Poland is the right place to invest.'

Profesor Danuta Hübner
Member of European Commission


'Roadshow is not only a conference. It is an excellent platform for establishing business contacts.'

Profesor Dariusz Rosati
Member of the EU Parliament
and former Minister of Foreign Affairs


Consolidating Polish position in the European Union and the NATO and growth in importance in the region created in Poland new, unique situation for the foreign promotion of the country. It became the chance of pulling new inward investments for Poland.

Objectives of Roadshow Polska operations:

  • organizing international conferences promoting Polish regions/cities among foreign investors in EU countries and in Poland

  • providing with excellent communication platform to Polish/ EU businessmen

  • organizing local conferences promoting the most expanding branches
    of Polish economy: investments, outsourcing dedicated to various business sectors

Above all, the purpose of ROADSHOW conferences is creating the positive image of the Polish economy in the European Union, showing her attractiveness to the location of inward investments. These events effect
in development of economic cooperation with foreign countries
and contribute to the inflow of FDI to Poland

We are convinced that events organized by us have the great importance
for the promotion of Poland among foreign countries, particularly by presenting our country as the reputable and competitive partner in the international economic cooperation.

Discussion panels and international presentations concerning current trends
of business, allow to get a new look at the dynamically changing situation
in the Polish and international economy.

Presentations of international speakers and moderators and discussions
of the conference participants create prestigious forum of the experience
and technical knowledge sharing and have an influence on increasing number
of successful business transactions, on the expansively growing Polish market.

ROADSHOW conferences are also an excellent place for establishment
of new business contacts which in the future may bring in development
of cooperation with new business partners.

Roadshow Polska